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We would like to thank all the female competitors who participated in the research measurement during the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague Troja (9-11 June). More than 30 female competitors participated, which means that the research can be considered representative. 

The Women in Canoe Sport project, coordinated by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, supported two young women on their way to their bachelor's degree with the research conducted. We are helping Johana Tulachová with her bachelor's thesis on the topic of differences in body structure and composition in elite female canoe slalom and canoe sprint competitors. We are supporting kayaker Kateřina Beková in her work on the prevalence of eating disorders in canoe slalom. 

If we want to move women's training towards greater effectiveness and sustainability, we need to be able to rely on data - to make our approach evidence-based. That's why we will continue our research efforts during the 2023 ICF World Ranking Race in Prague, Czech Republic, July 28-30. 

The anonymized results can be subsequently presented during the Women in Canoe Sport conference on November 4, 2023 in Prague. The issue of women's training should be widely discussed at this conference.

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