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I'm incredibly grateful for my month long stay in Prague, being part of the Women in Canoe Sport project. It's been an amazing chance to contribute to an article and start another, do some work for the project all while progressing in my professional journey. The research team of the project is really inspiring and professional. Hopefully we can progress further with valuable insights into female canoe sports of the future.

Even though it felt like just a week, the experience was truly enriching. As a Spanish foreigner, I discovered curiosities of Prague that I'm excited to share.

The facilities at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University are perfect for various sports, with labs, different gym spaces, outdoor tracks, and more. I spoke to many  students, and they seem quite satisfied.


While some Czech people appeared reserved, they were incredibly warm and helpful when approached, truly kind and fun :) . 

In middle and late November, I found amusing to spot the difference between locals and visitors while walking through old town. I was wrapped up in my winter gear while they strolled casually in light jackets and stylish beanies.

During my previous times in Prague, I frequently used Rekola Bikes. Although, in this past month, I've only used them twice! I didn't quite consider the weather during these months, but exploring the city using trams or the metro was enjoyable. I'll definitely do it again.

Speaking of winter, I discovered raw ginger tea with lemon and honey as a fantastic local remedy. It's surprising that it's not more commonly sold in cafes in Western Europe. The cuisine was a surprise too, I’d never tasted authentic goulash or Smažený sýr (fried cheese), in a pub before.

For coffee enthusiasts, Prague is your place. The quality of coffee here is perfect, and the cafes have a special environment where you want to spent your time.

Finally, the streets are breathtaking, adorned with pastel colored facades and cobblestone pathways. The Christmas markets, especially with mulled wine, are a highlight of the season. 

The snowy setting creates a magical atmosphere where people enjoy buying artisanal goods and immerse themselves in the festive spirit.


I came across some stunning spots that will hold a special place in my memories for years to come.


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