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Hello everyone! My name is Anna Barroso and I am a kayak slalom athlete from Spain.

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Jan and Matej, and anyone involved in this project to provide me with this wholesome opportunity.

How did I get involved in the project?

During the project I’ve been a volunteer and I would say that my role in this project started from the moment I became interested in what they were doing and I knew straight away that I wanted to help somehow. 

My main role in this project has been to help and take part in the three training camps organised by the project. The first one in Bratislava, the second one in Prague and the most recent and last one in Sweden. I like to believe that I inspired the young girls that were there to share those moments and also share my knowledge about sports and anything they could be curious about.

For me this project has meant a lot, not only as an athlete, but also as a woman in sports. Personally, this project has helped me develop a big sense of belonging and also to improve my self-confidence surrounded by women with similar interests and with one goal, to include and make more women feel included in sports. 

We have the chance, sometimes, that canoe slalom is a small sport compared to others, and that makes it easier for people to meet and to have the opportunity to share experiences with people from other nationalities. Connections are very easily made and I believe that this project is a huge example of that. People from different countries have come together to make this idea that later on became a project get bigger and bigger and grow to how it is right now: a big source for girls and young women to grow personally while enjoying canoe slalom.

The different trips around Europe made it clear that this sport can be enjoyed no matter where and under no matter what conditions. At first we were in Bratislava and if I'm honest, at first I thought it would be hard to meet other people because of the language difference but everyone in Slovakia was very nice and finally all my expectations were wrong and I made lots of friends from Slovakia and Czech Republic. We learnt a lot on and off the water with several meetings and training sessions at the wild water course. I think after that training camp we were all very excited to meet again in Prague one month later!


The second training camp was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and it was amazing to see how everyone was comfortable around each other and how good it is to have friends around this sport. Again, we had lots of fun and we had very interesting seminars in which we learnt from the importance of a good nutritious diet to the impact of the menstrual cycle while training. That made a huge difference to me, as it is sometimes left behind how women's bodies work differently to men's and this huge part of their life, their period, is often forgotten and not taken into account while creating a training program for a woman athlete.

The last training camp was incredible, Sweden was incredible! I think no one on that training camp had ever been to Sweden and we were extremely excited since the moment we departed from Prague to get to Falun, Sweden, even if we had to drive almost 20h. The landscapes, the people, the nature and of course, the food (also from IKEA) were 12/10. 

Of course it was cold, but the sauna was worth all the cold training sessions even after some esquimos during some sessions for some of us (me included). 

To conclude with what I wanted to say:

The Women in Canoe Sports project has been a huge step for the sport internationally and we have been able to gain visibility and to make more and more people believe in it. This project has been a bridge for many girls to get to know each other and to inspire each other on so many different levels that it is hard to put into words.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in it and to those who made me feel like home during those weeks. I've definitely made some friends for life.

I hope you keep having fun on the water xx

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